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Dropping In (excerpt)

Dropping In is a full length work of non-fiction. From my query letter:         

Nostalgic for college, Matt Nestor was sitting in on a Tulane psych lecture when the professor suddenly challenged him. In an instant, every head in the hall had swiveled. “Uhh…” He groped for an answer. “I’m a prospective student?” And with one little fib, Dropping In was born, the rollicking tale of how one recent graduate lied, finagled and snuck his way into twenty-five colleges across America. Googled frat handshakes to infiltrate a house party at Stanford? Check. Bluffed himself a seat at a tiny Harvard seminar? Check. Converted at Bob Jones, ostracized at Smith and arrested at Yale? Happened to him.


Operation: College

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a short story, winner of the 2014 Westchester Review Under-30 Contest.